Starting next week we are opening the doors to the @ITLWorldwide Twitter account to let all of our growing number of Associates have a go.

Passing the Twitter Baton (don’t abbreviate that) from Associate to Associate (or that) each one can Tweet what they like about what they like for a week at a time, culminating in a post on this blog.

We’re a broad church so we don’t mind what they Tweet and Retweet or who they Follow (or Unfollow) as long as they are positive, supportive and, well, nice about it.

Some of our Associates are well known on Twitter, Tweeps like Rachel Jones (@rlj1981), Debra Kidd (@debrakidd) and Vic Goddard (@vicgoddard). Others are, well, what you might call Twirgins so there’s a whole world waiting for them.

Kicking off the Great Twitter Takeover is our very own Mark Anderson (@ICTEvangelist) who will be running the account for a week starting next Monday 13th October.

He will then pass the baton we know not where.

These are interesting times for sharing ideas and inspirations in education and where better to do it than amongst the positive community on Twitter.

Let’s see what happens…