Following the impact of Olivia Loder’s letter to Michael Gove which led her to becoming an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association and a meeting with The Fonz if not Gove himself, she still has the bit between her teeth. 

Here is her latest letter, this time to Nicky Morgan:

Dear Nicola Morgan

My name is Olivia Loder and I wrote to the former education secretary Michael Gove about dyslexia and the British dyslexia association have made me their young ambassador. I have been to 3 state schools, they were good schools but did not meet my needs there. I was sent to Moon hall school then Moon hall college where the teachers there are trained in teaching dyslexics were I am achieving good grades. Last year I got all A’s and B’s that would never of happened in state. I would predict getting D’s and E’s, in state schools.

1 in 10 people are dyslexic, the teachers in state schools are not trained in special needs so children like me just fade in the background but then the other students which aren’t special needs the teachers embraces them where they will excel. At moon hall college, a special dyslexia school it does change your future I would like to be a veterinarian which moon hall will give me the opportunity to get those GCSE results then get into a good 6 form ,then a good university, then vet school. I feel if I was at state school I would probably get low GCSE grades then 6 form and not be able to go to university.

I would like you to ensure that dyslexics in state will get the help they need and that teachers get better training.

Congratulations on your new position and I hope for the best.      

From Olivia Loder

Great, persistent campaigning from a young girl who sees an injustice and is determined to do something about. We look forward to meeting up with Olivia and father when they come to our Big Day Out in Down South as our special guests in November.