Here are some new Thunks™  you might find useful if you have children in the house and are fed up nagging.

Pin them up on your fridge door and see what happens.

Chunks (Chore Thunks!)

1. Is a full rubbish bin a rubbish bin?

2. If your clean clothes are all over your bedroom floor, is your bedroom floor a wardrobe?

3. Does a hamster know when its cage needs cleaning?

4. If you eat off dirty plates is that two meals, not one?

5. Are dirty clothes less dirty if they have been on your floor for a week compared to when you took them off?

6. Can you make a bar of soap cleaner by cleaning it when you clean the bathroom?

7. Can you hoover with a Dyson?

8. Is a tidy room bigger than a messy room?

9. Is leaving a full cup of cold tea in the living room twice as bad as leaving half a cup of cold tea there?

10. Is a child who does his or her chores a better child than one who doesn’t?