Latest e-mail from my contact in Sweden who is despairing at what has happened to education and young people – there:

Swedish schools are not able to educate all students. There are many who do not get passing grades, and they fall into an exclusion and the group has grown. They do not have contact with social services or employment agency, no one knows what they are doing or what they live by. The interviews with the young people who live in the area as there have been riots, showing that they have no faith that they’ll get any work.

The government says that they have not passed the school, which is a fundamental error. It is the school that has failed to educate them.
If they have not received training on the Swedish labor market is well education minister’s responsibility.

What do they live on? They seek out the groups that they will be accepted by. Which is not beneficial to society.
Sweden has never had such a high youth unemployment that now it is high by European standards.

And it can be blamed on the failure of school policy.