A friend in Sweden occasionally sends us updates about the state of the education system over there. It’s never good news. A country that once had an enviable system has seen profiteers and carpet baggers move in, shipping public money offshore in their profits and leaving little behind by way of a decent education for ordinary people. Apologies for the quality of the English in the below, but you’ll probably get the message:


Here is news about schools from Sweden.

Karlstad sports school went bankrupt at the end of the year and the school was closed. Students left without been completed education. The municipality had to take responsibility for the students. Ägeren operates two other schools on a profit. Here is what one student wrote.

Karlstad Sports Gymnasium


I go third year at the independent school Karlstad Sports Gymnasium in Karlstad. This is a long story that I will try to make short. We start from the beginning…

As a 15-year-old, I chose to study at Karlstad Sports Gymnasium (then Walter Gymnasium) to develop in sport and studies. The school attracted the gym at a nearby gym, a laptop computer, three-course buffet at a lunch restaurant and competent teachers. The school had only been working in the school year so we’ll be the second cohort who started at the school.
Everything sounded really good and in the early grades was one of four classes with about 20 students in each. When we started the school year, there was a coffee machine, a kiosk, table tennis etc.. That part was good during the first year. But the food was lousy. We ate while restaurant meals and buffet, that was it. But we ate in an incredibly worn hostel where the food was caterad. It was, at most, two dishes, one that was inedible and that worked pretty well. There were never enough chairs and tables so you always got to stand in line to get a table. Gym card we were promised were not, but we got the two victims hours before lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays (when we had one) go there if we wanted. Competent teachers were not in all subjects. The computers we had were so bad that about every other computer broke down during the year. Getting a new could take up to six months, and computers was something we daily use to search for information.

During årkurs two stopped almost all pupils batteries for computers that fungara, and the students were themselves forced to buy new ones if they wanted to have fully functional computers. The kiosk had struck again, coffee machine and the common room had been removed and ping-pong table had been fitted down to the balls had disappeared. We students now had nothing to do during breaks or free periods, and many began to ignore the school.Admittedly, we had to move in to the restaurant, but we had to eat before the "real" guests arrived. We had to continue eating the two disgusting dishes and half of the students did not even go and ate. The food we got cost / cost $ 50 (!) While the local high school lunch, which is better, on average cost about 7-8 million.

In year three, we got a new government in the student council who tried in vain to get the school to get better. They managed to get the school to agree to fix the order of ping-pong table in October, and the school said they had ordered new balls and rackets as long as the student council was responsible for them. Even today, we have not seen at the school glimpse of the equipment. Student Council also worked for some time with trying to get a coffee machine that was hugely coveted by students, and found one that would cost a few hundred pieces a month. But they were rejected on the grounds that someone had kletat sauce on a wall last year, so they had to "wallpaper" if (they had painted on the wallpaper). It became too expensive, they said. I quote the teachers answer "Vandalism costs money." The food has been in the last year has been worse than ever. Just a week ago we got such pork pancake with biarnes sauce that only accessories. The best teachers ended, some of the special sports teachers changed schools and we had more unqualified teachers. Students at the school discourages people who choose high school to choose right KIG.

Now, as we approach the student has about a quarter of the students changed schools or dropped out. We are thus only three classes left.

The school is only for making money, it shits full of students.

There is much more to tell, but it is too far for me to write it all.