Just put the sound on loud and spend a few minutes watching this stunning video:

And then have a go at these Thunks:

  1. Is life a journey?
  2. Are you in charge of the itinerary?
  3. Does it have a destination?
  4. If it does, can you decide where it is?
  5. If it does, do you know when you’ve got there?
  6. Is happiness something you choose?
  7. Is happiness something you take?
  8. Can you decide to be happy?
  9. Can you decide to be unhappy?
  10. Can you make someone happy?
  11. Is it ever possible to be impossible to be happier?
  12. Is a journey with someone better than a journey alone?
  13. If you go on a trip with someone have you both been on the same trip?
  14. Can you ever have the same life’s journey as someone else?
  15. Is a desert alive?
  16. Is the sky a desert?
  17. Is a volcano more dangerous than the sea?
  18. Is a hovering bird flying?
  19. Is a condor more like penguin than it is like a cloud?
  20. Can you stand in the same river once?
  21. Can you stand in the same puddle twice?
  22. After you have eaten fresh vegetables and herbs do you have countryside in you?
  23. Is a national flag more like a national anthem than it is like a tablecloth?
  24. Is a journey more a collection of memories than experiences?
  25. Are stars invisible during the day?
  26. Do stars exist?
  27. Is the earth on a journey?
  28. Do flowers dance?
  29. Can you ever not be on journey?
  30. Could a road lead nowhere?
  31. Is there such a place as nowhere?
  32. If there is, could you ever go there?
  33. Is there a place on earth that is better than heaven?

And yes, Chile is that beautiful!