It’s when you observe education systems outside of the UK that you realise quite how special things are in Blighty. 
So, with exceptions to all of these I’m sure and in no particular order, a rough guide to the 101 things you won’t know you’ve got till they’re gone. 
  1. Headteachers who lead and don’t just manage
  2. School playing fields
  3. Schools sports
  4. Inter-school sports
  5. Comprehensive education
  6. Training days
  7. Not having to pay for your training yourself
  8. NQT years
  9. Coaching
  10. Mentoring
  11. Not having weapons in school
  12. Decent buildings
  13. Classrooms where the temperature is about right most of the time
  14. Families who may be poor nationally but on the whole aren’t, on a global scale
  15. The English language
  16. UK universities
  17. Free quality education for all
  18. Poor kids, rich kids and everyone inbetween sitting the same exams and having the same opportunity to excel
  19. Parents evenings
  20. The TES
  21. Being appointed based on your merits, not who you know
  22. Rigorous and professional interview and selection procedures
  23. Not having psychologists involved in the selection process doing inkblot tests
  24. Career progression
  25. Supportive colleagues who want you to do well
  26. Ability to change schools as part of your career progression
  27. Ability to change schools as part of your career progression without it being held against you
  28. Ability to change schools as part of your career progression anywhere in the country
  29. You deciding which school you want to teach at and not the government
  30. School measurable via a professional inspection process and not just exam results
  31. Senior Leadership Teams
  32. SEN coordinators
  33. Classroom assistants
  34. School dinners
  35. A focus on learning as well as teaching
  36. Resources
  37. Resources you don’t have to pay from your own pocket
  38. Professional colleagues
  39. Transition activities
  40. A profession that isn’t right at the bottom of the heap
  41. Children who are’t right at the bottom of the heap
  42. Accountability for doing your job and doing it well
  43. The BBC
  44. Children’s TV that isn’t just about selling things to children
  45. School buses
  46. Lollypop ladies and men
  47. Children who won’t simply accept poor quality teaching
  48. The internet
  49. Electricity and water (hot and cold) every day
  50. Heating
  51. Windows
  52. Grass
  53. Freedoms within the curriculum
  54. Rigorous professional disciplinary procedures
  55. Teaching unions
  56. A variety of teaching unions
  57. National conferences and training
  58. The Guardian
  59. University-educated colleagues
  60. Diversity in the classroom – ethnic, national, religious, social
  61. Diversity in the staffroom – ethnic, national, religious, social
  62. Equal opportunities
  63. After-school activities
  64. Lunchtime activities
  65. School trips
  66. Wide variety of routes into teaching
  67. Leadership training
  68. Governors
  69. Freedom of speech in the classroom
  70. Twitter
  71. Pensions
  72. Contracts
  73. Decent salary
  74. Sick pay
  75. Saturdays
  76. Tutor time
  77. Pastoral care
  78. PSHE
  79. Computers
  80. School libraries
  81. Stuff on the walls
  82. Paint
  83. Teachers who care about and for children
  84. Educational welfare officers
  85. Special needs training
  86. Differentiation
  87. A photocopier
  88. Assembly
  89. Musical instruments
  90. Fences and gates
  91. Bike sheds
  92. School nurses
  93. School sick rooms
  94. Health and safety regulations
  95. Pens, pencils, paper and books
  96. School holidays with pay
  97. Insurance
  98. Tea and coffee making facilities
  99. School planners
  100. A school name and not just a number
  101. An education system with a heritage

What have we missed…?