In the absence of any opposition to what is going on in education in England currently, here is a simple three-point plan that may help:

  1. Promise to take back all schools that have been given, effectively, into private ownership within six months of regaining power. It is the responsibility of the State to educate its citizens and is not something that is for sale. This doesn’t mean going back to the worst elements of Local Authority control but learning from what’s good and bad and improving the system so it works better than before. (NB No compensation to be paid out to carpetbaggers and profiteers*)
  2. Undertake a multi-national study to agree on what education actually is for and how best to assess that. (Clue – It is not about just passing of exams, so an education and assessment system whose sole purpose seems to be that will not do)
  3. Put together an inter-disciplinary group (including real teachers) who will decide on the educational direction for the next ten years and then agree on a cross-party moratorium on significant educational change
  4. Er, that’s it…

*The value of children may go down as well as up