Independent Thinking’s founder Ian Gilbert bumped into a remarkable lady – Donna Martinez – today in his work at a university in Chile who later e-mailed him a list of online resources related to inclusion and transition for young people with special needs that she felt the university would find useful.

In fact, Ian thought it would be useful to share them with the rest of the world too so here they are. We hope you will agree:

This is where I use to work before I moved to Chile- Since I have left the university has received different funding and has refocused the project but it remains relatively the same (the basic web design was developed under my directorship

The teaching modules were my major project as director: look to the top tab bar for the data base and literature.
It was this article that helped to initiate the changes in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008

The following are professional organizations in the field of Intellectual Disability I am a member of and highly recommend:

Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)  I strongly recommend you become familiar with the resources available here. And if you have an opportunity to become a member all the better!
Divisions- I am a member of the following: 
Also of interest for the university to consider:
National College Accreditation for Teacher Education  (NCATE) requirements for colleges in the USA 
Important to know is the CEC writes the professional standards for teachers of special education-  that NCATE uses when it evaluates Special Education Teacher programs across the USA.

Ethics & Practice Standards

As professionals serving individuals with exceptionalities, special educators possess a special trust endowed by the community and recognized by professional licensure. As such, special educators have a responsibility to be guided by their ethical principles and professional practice standards.

Ethical Principles
Practice Standards

Professional Preparation & Credential Standards

The special education preparation standards are the specialized knowledge and skills that are the foundation of professional preparation and that influence licensure. The standards provide benchmarks to states, provinces, and nations for program accreditation, entry-level licensure, professional practice, and continuing professional growth.

CEC Preparation Program & Credentialing
CEC Program Recognition

American Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities:  The main organization that focuses on issues in and beyond education related to intellectual disability 

I am a member of this organization and am involved in the following divisions:

  • Education Division
  • Families SIG 

A membership is well worth considering 

The book and information on their Intellectual Disability is found here :  

UN Convention on Rights for Persons with Disabilities (in many languages)

Inclusion International

And here is where I’ll be attending in January: