As a response to this Tweet from us a while back:

‘Hmmm… According to US research, the chances of a student having an excellent teacher five years in a row are 1 in 17000!’

…which came from this website:

…we received news from Ian Taylor of this creative response:


I noticed a post on your twitter regarding the number of ‘poor’ teachers students may face and then came across a school who have a programme in place for inadequate and satisfactory teachers. The VP for learning and teaching wanted a short term solution to the problem of some students having one poor teacher followed by another followed by a supply then another then home.

She has mapped every students timetable to the performance management grading system and attendance, in simple terms she has ensured that no student has more than one satisfactory teacher or less in a day and no more than one poor attending teacher in a week.

Although she wishes that all teaching was good or better and attendance was high she suggested this was not the reality and wouldn’t be until their programme made an impact.



Interesting short term solution – mapping timetables.

…which we quite liked.