The Learning Maze is a world first coming out of the innovative Nottingham University Samworth Academy. 

The Academy’s Agent of Wonder Dr. Mathew McFall has already broke new ground with the Wonder Room – a space which uses the 15th century cabinet of curiosities as its inspiration. The Learning Maze is an eight metre square experience hidden behind Victorian style billboards – posing questions and demonstrating ephemera from across the ages. The feeling of a fairground side show is deliberate. Within the tardis style maze is a variety of sections including an infrared word room, a wish tree, a science room, a mirror room a giant puppet lion and many tasks and puzzles to engage young and old alike. 

The maze will only be in use for 2 weeks in this reincarnation and teachers have already booked up slots to accompany their classes as part of their normal lessons. 

Guests are welcome to visit by appointment with the principal, another of our Associates, Dave Harris –