Latin America has some of the worst education statistics on the planet in many ways yet, out of this comes some of the most creative, effective and simple ideas that are transforming education child by child and from which we could learn a great deal. I showed some of the El Sistema work previously, so here are two more.

There’s the Lumiar Institute in Brazil where a flexible curriculum matches the child’s needs, where they learn at their own pace, where the ‘teacher’ role is broken down into two people, one who is an expert in the knowledge, one who is an expert in the child. And it works…

And here is another, a report on the Escuela Nueva work being done in rural schools in Columbia to great effect (and guess what? It’s about moving the teacher away from being the one at the front talking, it’s about children learning from each other and at their own time and learning what is relevant to them, it’s about a flexible curriculum…)

With more here from the lady who up set this highly-acclaimed project, Vicky Colbert:

None of this is rocket science – it takes a will, a vision to do things better and a basic understanding of how children learn.

Over to you…