‘From the moment a child begins to play an instrument they are no longer poor’ – José Antonio Abreu

Some clips here on the amazing Simón Bolivar Orchestra, the irrepressible Gustavo Duadamel and the founder José Antonio Abreu.

Watch them do their stuff at the UK Proms first

A short UK documentary on bringing the idea to Scotland

‘The most inclusive music education system in the world’. Choir using coloured gloves so that deaf and blind children can sing and play together

A trailer for the eponymous film

Maestro José Antonio Abreu speaking at TED in 2009

What a waste of human potential poverty is. What talent ALL children carry with them. What talents we may miss if all we do is teach them about kings and queens and algebra? What miracles one man can achieve if he sets his mind to it. What energy comes from great music played well. What a spectacle is created when an orchestra breaks the rules, shell suits and all. What are you going to do as a result of watching these clips?